Week 9, Day 60 of 2019. Review.

Day 60 – Week 9 of 2019.

This has been a week that I am happy with. The first week that i m back on track and starting to feel alive, well and normal.


Sunday to Thursday I was at the office between 6 and 7 am, left around 2pm and started again around 4pm.
6 decent pieces of work. Considering I have missed a few weeks being shabby this is really valued and appreciated.


Decent week. 3 circuit style classes. Gym and running. Mighty sore today from day 58. Amazing how yesterday I was fine and today I am ruined.


I have to say she has been tremendously well behaved this week. Until today. This morning I had a bizarre episode where the she was playing away in the right ear yet playing a tune in the left.
Yesterday I did have a few episodes of dizziness.
I went into the supermarket and was totally flummoxed by the dizziness. It was the old time floating around. Everything is in slow motion.
This pretty much lasted for 3 hours. I opted to not take one of my dizzy tablets and eventually seemed to get it under some control.


I have made an effort to reduce the carbohydrate this week. I have noticed that Barbera has not been as bad at all. I really need to pay some attention to this. Plus i have lost a couple of kg of timber as well.

Week 10 Plans.

Big Phys week.

It is Week 8 of 27 on the journey to getting to 145 mies. Really it is week 4 as i have missed 4 weeks with being sick note and then my operation.


Repeat what I have always done.
I want to review the value or not of twitter and Instagram for the business. The time is negligible really but there is really nothing from it that is worth any money yet. .
I need to get m head round why these mediums exist for what i do.


Coaching with AK this coming week. Looking forward to this.
I need to finish the couple of books i have bouncing around.


I have been making sure i use the headphones. Reducing the carb in week 9 has i think had a better effect on me. Negatives have been the dizzy spells for the last 24 hours. No idea what all this is about.
Point to note is I first went to the docs in 2011 with dizziness. Here i am still getting this.  I really do think it is something I am doing or not.
When i think about this i hear a voice wondering if i get dehydrated. .
So this weeks mapping is water. I shall take note of the water this week.
Enjoy the week.
Long live Barbera.
Carb – – pizza burger i eat once

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