2020 – Another year begins.

Mange Tout,

Well for me 2020 begins with a review and reflection on 2019.

2019 was to be the year I helped myself for once and followed through on feeling well, enjoying and getting back into the journey of life.

Was it is a success? Yes and No. Some parts have been amazing, some parts a disaster and lessons have been learnt.

The good stuff:

Total weight loss sitting at 13kg.

My business is still thriving and Cushti came into existence with some great coaching clients who I am overjoyed to be helping.

I took on some part-time work to challenge my brain and add value back to the community and this has been a joy although a challenge at times to fit in around my own work.

I ran a half marathon without much training, a bit slow but over the moon, I ticked it off.

I closed the year with a half marathon on my own staying in my zone 2 heart rate. I just enjoyed the run.

I discovered the love of running slow again. I have 2 races to focus my energies towards in 2020, a marathon and a 24hr 10km loop in September. The journey towards them is what I realised I truly miss.

I had a new nose built and can finally for the first time in years breath properly. Quite a remarkable thing. This has really helped me fall back in love with running again.

My noise, barbera or the tinnitus has been good bad and ugly in 2019. She has been present all the time. I have worked hard on silence and learning to breathe, doing breathwork and teaching myself to accept the ringing. I am at a place where I am beginning to accept the high pitched tone that is always with me. I have started to talk to the noise, to ask her to quieten and tell her I accept the noise.

The biggest lesson here was to think of the ringing like my exercise journey to a race. It takes time to get better, it takes work and effort and consistency to stay on top of the noise.

No resolutions for me in 2020. Everything I could have set up as a resolution I have already begun in 2019.

There are a few things to drop out of the mix for a while and they are:

My addiction to crisps. A tinker of a habit. I love crisps, Especially prawn cocktail. 3 bags in a go was the point I knew I was addicted.

The chocolate button love I also have is a real bugger. This is to go and I have reduced this a lot..

The cigarette love when stressed out and tired. There is no point so I accept it is a strategy I use so I will replace with a walk or exercise.

Booze. It is the rewarding of success or a win with a beer. I have a truly great pub fitness and love a beer with mates. I do also have a natural-born ability to not say no and have a few tooooooo many.  I am able to crack on after as I see the cracking on as the effect of having some fun but really, really, really, this is not needed.

Lastly, the one I dropped is to recognise I fill my day with too many tasks, or jobs or things to achieve. Often I don’t come anywhere near getting them all done as work tasks and preparation often takes longer than I anticipated. Hence I have cut back on the jobs to achieve. I have simply picked the top action and completed it. Then moved onto the next. I allow no distractions and complete the task.

I have a master list rolling of tasks to achieve across work, play and household admin. I have been achieving so much more knowing that I am not tied to a to-do list.

All the above I have been doing since November so the 2020 plan is to simply continue.

3 Areas of focus; (these areas for me provide me with the mental state of being clear of mind and the physical energy to enjoy the journey of life)

Physical Health. This is food, exercise, water and sleep. ( Sleep is great and the way I recover from the exercise and refresh – I love sleep)

Mental Health. This is breathing work, silence and feeling the visualizations.

Work. KISS, Keep it simple stupid. One task completed at a time. I ask myself what is the next task that needs to be done now to move forward.

Plus on top of this maintain my love of coffee, stay in touch with my mates and stay honest with myself about the many cock-ups one has as it helps me be an example to the people I meet, consult with, work with, recruit and coach. Life is a journey and we all cock-up. It is the recognition and understanding of why being a human and knowing that it does not matter.

Living now and understanding that we could all leave life right now is real to me. Hence I always endeavour to do my best in every situation. Most of all I am happy and enjoy the reflection and learning when it does not quite go to plan.

Thank you to my clients in London, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi, Algeria, Mozambique and New Zealand in 2019. You know who you are!!

Hopefully, a few more clients from around the world can be added to this list in 2020.

I enter 2020 looking forward to the doors that open. Remember change is inevitable. We all must change and grow and move into new areas of life. Remain open to doors that open ( even if only open an inch or two) and see the potential opportunities as they arise. Consider them and action them if it feels right and enjoy the journey.

Remember exercise, silence, reviewing, planning and then completing the actions are my keys to enjoying life. Try it, it might help you,





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