Cushti Exercise 20-11-19 – Update

Mange Tout Mange Tout……

Nice easy day today doing some research.

Phys time came and I was keen to stretch and do some core work.


Stretch for 20mins with the lacrosse ball.


10 then 10 flat on the floor and 1-inch neck raise.
5 right side plank then 5 left side plank.
10 and 10 on knees, then leg back, arm front and back with a hand to the knee.

Rest 5 mins


50 half press-ups in one go.
25 half press-ups in one go
25 half- a bit of rest after 10 and 20 press ups.


10 10 neck lift

10 10 superman style.


Upright row 15 x3 @ 18
OH Press 15 x3 @ 18

My exercise motto is always live to fight another day.

It does not always pan out that way. I would rather get to the gym every day and do something than spend 3 days struggling to move with DOMS.

(As I have many many many times)

I am almost back to full press-ups. I can’t wait to be banging out the press-ups again.

The core work is great. So great knowing I can do this again now my back is working. The core work will help with everything from posture to my running and even just how I feel.

Need to get the lungs blowing tomorrow. So that will be a run and or a row session.

Woof Woof says the dog.



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