A tidy 12-hour shift done today. 7 to 7.

Got to the gym for 1940hrs ish.

Tackled a session I have not done in months. This is one of the interval sessions I used to do all the time.

Concept 2

30 on 30 off for 30.

So 30 seconds on.

30 seconds rest.

Repeat 30 times.

Hence 15 mins of real work.

Forgot my heart rate monitor strap so just used my Garmin Fenix 3 on indoor rowing mode for the stroke rate.

I had a lot more in the tank for this at the end. First one back in months so did not thrash it. Just enjoyed the journey.

Then some more simple deadlifts.

15 x 3 @ 40. Nice and steady. Just getting the range of movement back. A lot easier than the couple of sets last week. Happy as these are coming back. A week or two more and I can start to go heavy again on the deadlifts.


Tomorrow it is blaze and hopefully a run as well in the day at some point.


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