Week 8 Review and Week 9 Planning.

Week 8 Review AND Week 9 Plan. 

A quick review of my week living with Barbera my Tinnitus.
Overall this week was a get back into the habit of life. 3 weeks since my operation. The nose is still tender to the touch. I still can’t blow my nose.
I have run 15km.
I have lifted weights x3
I have worked for 6 days.
I have needed a NAP every afternoon.
Barbera has played up, she has been an angel and she has been the devil.
My Sennheiser has been pretty much on my head all day at work. I do enjoy the music and I do feel good listening to music.
Overall I am happy I have managed to get the routine back into place pretty quickly.
I am very tired and my exercise recovery is simply not there. I am craving carbs yet shattered when i have them.

Week 9 Plan. 

A simple plan for this week and it is to continue to get back into the habits of life and routine that I enjoy.
Work 6 days.
Plan every day.
This week I am going to reduce the Carb and go back to the banting style food and fasting. Or eat when hungry.
I love fasting and feel better for it yet if one is hungry I believe in eating.
I have to eat when I exercise pretty hard. Food is fuel if it is the right fuel.
Carb testing on Barbera and the Tinnitus. Let’s reduce the carb back and keep a score on barbera every day v the lower carb levels.
One part of my life that I miss is reading. I have let Barbera get in the way of reading. This is something I now need to get sorted.
Listening to music simply distracts me from the book. So I need to listen to something I don’t really enjoy or listen to the sea or pouring rain.
No noise and all I can hear is Barbera and frankly, I allow her to distract me.
Book worming this week.
I am going to have x2 4 am runs this week as well. Out and about when it is dark and quiet.
Attitude –
Well, this is something this week I need to address. New neighbours and the fella should be a contender for the worlds loudest man in the Guinness book of world records.
The wife has stopped me from having a word and asking him to please for the sake of his baby and my ears to just tone it down a bit.
I find myself wondering if he shouts at work as he does at home. Imagine that. . . Shouting this loud at work. . .
I imagine he does not shout at work. So why the fuck shout at home.
So my comfort zone challenge this week is to “zone out” from this wonderful man. I shall send him some good energy through the wall.
Week 9 is going to be a good week. I can feel myself getting back on track after the operation and starting to actualise the wishes I had to be able to live my life when I was flat on my back after the operation.
Remember I went for a walk to Tescos and bled my way around from my nose 2 days after the operation. Today I ran 5km and I will go to the gym again tonight. I appreciate the fact that I can do this. . It was horrendous when I could not.
Week 9 is going to be fun and Barbera is going to behave as well.

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