Cushti Exercise 11.11.20

Cushti decided that it was time for Phys.

A light cycle to the gym. 15 Mins ish…
A good long stretch. The ball came into play as the feet were mighty sore.
50 Situps
50 Hollow Rocks
50 Press Ups
X5 Deadlift @ 50kg x2
Shrugs x20 @ 50kg
Another good long stretch.
Then a good old cycle back. 15 Mins Ish…

The plan was really just to get to the gym. No real method to the training, just get the habit back of actually getting myself out of the house and to the gym.

For me, it is easy to sit at home and just say boll%%%cks to doing any exercise. I have to be realistic with myself and just remind myself why I do actually enjoy it exercise.

The voice, the deviant voice in my head can persuade me that crisps and wine are better. . .

Woof Woof.


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