Phys – 13 Oct 2019

Sometimes the mind is lazy.
The mind tells me that I can’t be arsed. CBA.
Those that know me understand that I really like to override the CBA and just crack on.

Over the years as I have gotten older and wiser I have realised that on occasion one has to go through the motions.

Today was that very day. A long day of work.
Then some more work, then the CBA hit.
The CBA. I NEED TO GO AND DO MY PHYS. I need to stretch as I am stiff.

8PM, 2000 HRS I GOT TO THE GYM. In itself just getting there is a victory.

Stretch – 30 mins. Legs, Hamstrings, ball work on my feet, shoulders, hip flexors, back etc. I could move after this.
100 leg press at 30. Nice and easy just to get moving.
100 seated row at 15. Light but it was about the doing.
25 hollow rocks followed by a minute plank.
1 min rest.
20 hollow rocks and 1 min plank.
30 press-ups.
Stretch again.

This session was about me overcoming the CBA. The hardest part is getting changed as a dear friend of mine always says. He is right.

Not a life beater of a session but I will take the fact that I can move, my legs feel loose, my back and chest feel loose and I broke the pattern of a CBA creeping into my life.

The acceptance of no thing and getting on and doing what one really enjoys is the way I have reprogrammed myself.

Plus the biggest victory – I don’t hear the ringing in my head, the tinnitus is gone for the time I do my phys. No noise, no ringing no long monotone tones.

A great feeling knowing one beat the CBA. .

Woof Woof.

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