Cycling through red lights. .



Mange Tout People.

The thrill of commuting on a bicycle.

I have commuted to the office for almost a year now. Even in the rain.


Today the conclusion dawned on me that I am a rather odd cyclist.


I stop at traffic lights. I allow buses to pull out of the bus lane from the bus stop.

Even I smile and say thanks to drivers for leaving me loads of room.


How did I come to this truly outstanding decision about me being an odd cyclist?


I was sat in the cyclist box at traffic lights. As I approached the lights they went to orange. I stopped and rested with my foot on the kerb. All is good I thought as I daydreamed watching the red light stay red and wondering how quickly the lights will change.


Only to be confronted with 4 cyclists going straight through the red light. Then 2 more.


Not to judge like but eff me. 3 of them I could assume commuted a lot. Panniers and bags on the bag.  Clips and all the goochi cycling gear.

The others without judgement looked like they were heading into work on a pushbike. Not a care in the world.


I sat there on my saddle. Left foot on the kerb and just thought, eff me, why am I not jumping the lights. I could be in the office maybe 5 mins quicker if I jumped all the lights. .


Then the realisation: Fingers crossed if I play by the highway code, I might make it to work on my bike. If I jump the lights, I might make it to effing A and E at the hands of our finest Ambulance service.


Am I missing a trick here?

Red lights maybe are actually green.

Am I colour blind I wonder? Have the red lights been green for the last 31 years?

Eff me, I drive a lot and am I missing a proper trick when I drive as well. Red lights must be green.


I asked myself as I leant on the kerb with my left foot, comfortably resting on my saddle, are these people simply aware they are putting themselves at risk and other people like cyclists, pedestrians or even god forbid a car.


Well I made the decision at those red lights.

Enjoy the highway code.

Red is stop.

Green is go.


To all you cyclists ignoring the highway code – In my opinion you are fools.


Link to the Highway code below:


Link to the cycling proficiency test: – learn some cycling rules


I took a shower to dry off tonight as I was properly swamped from my cycle back home.


Woof Woof.


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