Week 46 Review of life.


Well, it is Sunday afternoon and the weekly review is underway.

Week off has been amazing. I have managed to get my routine back together.

Wins –

Spin Class, Blaze Class at David Lloyd, 4 bike rides, 2 gym sessions.

Losses —-

Far too much crap food and red wine this week. But the first week off in 15 odd weeks so who cares.



Feeling Ok. The work stress and base level of tiredness from shifts has gone so feel almost alive.


Overall, I set a plan for this week to be about having a rest and rebuilding some routine. Mainly about getting back to the gym and getting on with life around the DOMS from weights.


Key lessons learnt this week—


Heart rate in a morning after alcohol is insane. It is between 80 and 100.

Normal resting is like 48 – 50 without booze. That is insane.


I miss using my day planner to map the week and the day. I have been pretty poor at this this week.

The NHS had me on Friday morning for day surgery on a lump I have on my left leg. The surgeon said he queries ” Bowens Disease” and the offending article will be sent for a biopsy.

So taken it easy for a couple of days with red wine and curry. . Great food and liquid for an aspiring athlete. .

Athlete of the bloody settee really.


The plan for week 47—

12-hour Day shift Monday.

Off Tues, Wed, Thurs and the days Fri, Sat and Sunday on 12’s


Do some exercise. Get 2 runs in.

Get my eating back on plan and shift the extra timber I have found from a week of crap food.


Woof Woof.

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