Tools I use to create a normal life with Tinnitus.

Tinnitus and some tools I use to live a fairly normal life::

For me I have had my ups and downs with my Tinnitus or Barbera as I know her.

It is a lot more good than bad over all the years but at times it has been a disaster. Over the last few years I have learnt to manage myself.

Plus certain daily actions must be completed and others I like to complete as I can appreciate the value or fun in it.

1.   Daily: Nasal spray / Wash. Use this in the morning and night. Cleans out the sinus. It was the ENT Consultant that recommended this.

2.   Daily: Otovent. I use this to open up my Eustachian tube. Again as recommended by the ENT Consultant.

3.   Noise cancelling headphones.  I love listening to music anyway so this helps at times to mask the ringing.

4.   Daily: Exercise. This is pretty much a daily regime. Something I have always done and I always will. I enter my own space, almost my own meditation.

5.   Daily: I use the same sleep protocol and this is pretty strict now. It works. (See other posts)

6.   Daily: SILENCE. Or as close to daily as I can. At times more like every 2 or 3 days. Rest in Silence I was told. Frankly it works for me. This is a training process. I am teaching myself to be silent in mind and body and be present.

7.   When Barbera comes a knocking I simply now really put myself in the space of appreciating her, I hear the sound and think of it as energy bouncing round in my head.  I will ask Barbera to quieten and she does at time.  This was the toughest lesson to learn. A form of habituation to the tinnitus.  I am not aware of her at work and when I exercise now. So most of the day covered. This is really a positive mental attitude. That stubborn part of me that will accept most challenges and just crack on and give something a go. The self talk, the belief you get what you focus on attitude for me is right. The more I think about Barbera the more she appears. I guess I liken it to thinking about a pink mini cooper. I have not seen many in my lifetime. . . but if I think about a pink mini I can bet my bottom dollar one shows up in my life or drives past me within a few days.  Hence for me it is about the constant positive self communication.

Tinnitus for me is really is about finding your way through to the space of accepting the noise. Playing with the noise, hiding the noise and talking to the noise.

Happy to talk tinnitus if you need to reach out.

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