The noise and the ringing can become rather overwhelming at night. Silence all around. The only thing one can hear is the ringing in your head.

Getting to switch off from the noise when there is no other noise around can be rather a challenge.


I have tried:

Headphones – Normal and Noise cancelling

A pillow with a speaker in it. Playing relaxing music. .

A radio in the room

Black out blinds

A new mattress

A good quality pillow


Exercise until I am so tired I fall asleep from exhaustion. ( Works great until the next morning when I am sore and mentally tired)


A massive plate of pasta or heavy carbohydrate to get the post food slump and fall asleep. ( Worked till I woke up one day and realised I could not do my trousers up)

Listening to the noise and trying to get comfortable with it

Bed at the same time every night


What works for me:

Exercise (Lifting some light weights rather than cardio)

Magnesium. This seems to work for me. Check with your doc though

Black out blinds

Going to bed at the same time every night


A combination of the 4 above works for me. I have to say sleeping is great when the noise is not heard.


Long live #barbera



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