Monday 11th February- Physical Exercise.


Project 145 is a gentle 145-mile run.

The plan is to be ready for July 28th. Barbera ( my tinnitus ) and the recent operation create and have created a few obstacles.

I shall though keep on trucking towards July 28th. Let’s see what comes of it:

AM Walk 30 Mins

PM Walk 30 Mins
PM Gym
Stretch. 20 Mins.
20 Hollow Rocks x2
20 Supermans x2
100 Press Ups
100 Chest Press. Fatigue at 90 ish number
100 Row on Machine. Fatigue at 90 ish number
Single Leg Press x10 followed by lunge x10. 4 Sets.

Some of my slow running ultra-marathon, marathon fun:

Marathon Des Sables x2
Jungle Marathon
TMBT Borneo.
24hr Ultra Dubai
Dubai Marathon x3
Abu Dhabi Triathlon x2
London Marathon x3
Bath Half x2
Bristol Half x2 or maybe 3
Nottingham Half x 1
South Downs Way Ultra
Plus many more I have long forgotten……..

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