Tinnitus Support GP ENT/ Audiology today.

Audiology / Tinnitus Support Group.

Today I went to an hour-long session with a tinnitus specialist at the ENT Audiology department. There was a good 8 or 9 of us in attendance.

It was an interesting talk. What is tinnitus, how can we help it etc etc. It was nothing I have not heard before but it was a great refresher for me. I have paid to have talking therapy before privately but the therapist had never actually experienced Barbera so the advice around coping strategies always felt rather generic. Although good.

I find sitting being mindful rather a load of codswallop but I keep persevering.


I signed the form to ask for some 1-1 time with a tinnitus specialist. I look forward to this coming through as I recognise I need help with the acceptance of barbera and some ideas around coping strategies. I guess my coping strategy was always a box of fags, a takeaway and a few beers. Numb the issue with a plaster and crack on again in the morning and ignore the thick head and full stomach. .then just run it all away.

For me, I can recognise a lot of the parts of this Barbera puzzle I have tried. Yet it is a puzzle and it is time for the puzzle to be unboxed again.

I will photo / scan the docs from the support team and post here as well.

All in all a very interesting morning. A good rest day from the Phys and back on it tomorrow.

Remember to enjoy Barbera.

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