Week 7 Review. Barbera and AK.

Week 7 Review. 2019. 

(As always excuse the spelling, etc in my ramblings)
The Magic of Talking.
Saturday 16th I went to see AK. AK is the coach I have worked with for quite some time now.
A breath of fresh air.
A great chance to just sit and reflect. Discuss the actual feelings and emotions I am carrying around with Barbera and life in general.
I have to remember that I did have a proper major operation less than 3 weeks ago.
Yet I hold myself to pretty high standards and frankly this time the tiredness has pretty much ruined me. I have managed a good bit of physical exercise this week but frankly poor is the only word.
Food this week was average to poor. I was hungry.
I also have a few beers and vino Blanco.
The booze I did use as a bury myself technique one night as barbera was playing Pantera.
Work was decent. Despite being shabby I had a good week with less is more. Weird but less really is more.
Overall getting the chance to sit with AK my TC or talking coach really helps me. On a day to day basis, I do spend a lot of my week alone. A lot of space and time talking to clients but I have very little interaction outside the office. Life, work and the lads being busy.
I have to say that talking works. For me, it gives me the space to mull overall I am feeling and experiencing in life.
All in all, despite feeling pretty shocking I had 2-day rover tickets last week.
One to Cheltenham with the wife and one to Devon to see AK. All in all a decent week 7.

Week 8 Plan. 

Week 8 for me is about recreating the routines that I have lost since the operation.
1 Getting to the office latest 6 am
2 Write my day notes and personal journal every evening and morning.
3 Phys every day.
4 Go for a walk with the dog or just because i can.
5 Listen to the music I enjoy as it distracts me from Barbera.

YTD Review in Week 8. 

This week I need to review the year to date. It is week 8. Can you believe it is the start of the 8th week of 52 into 2019? Bonkers.
Am I on track is the question I need to ask?
I would suggest I am around 80% there for where I wanted to be. The operation I have to admit has kind of punched my February into a blur. My own fault. I still believe I am a machine. Perhaps I am just almost a machine nowadays.
Enjoy the Week.
Enjoy Barbara!!
London skyline at twilight


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