ETD or Eustachian Tube Disorder

Monge Tout Monge Tout.

WELCOME to my diagnosis.

Eustachian Tube Disorder. Or ETD.

The consultant did tell me he suffers from this affliction. He also told me it can be a right pain in the ass. He also gave me some pretty good words of advice etc.

I still laugh at the greatest response I had from my GP at my doctors surgery:: I quote

“oh you have tinnitus, I have tinnitus, it does not bother me, I just ignore it”

My response was, “good for you sir, this noise bothers me”

Anyway, the ringing or Barbera I am fairly certain was made a lot worse with flying a lot. Also lifts. I lived in an amazing 2 cities with a lot of high rise towers for a few years.

One flight back to the U.K. via Schipol I had a bit of sinusitus. The landing is Schipol was oh my god painful and I walked around Schipol for a couple of hours in a daze. The up and the down on the next flight was out of this world.

Pain. In my head. In my ear.

The actual ear never popped in the U.K. It was a long few days. Then I had to do the return leg.

Oh Em Gee.

Agony. Off the scale.

This was the trip. This was the culprit I am sure.

My diaries go back years and years and mention the ringing in my head. A subtle noise that at times showed itself.  2015 this changed.

It became::: this effing noise is unreal in my head..


I am happy the consultant diagnosed ETD. I am all the things,all the symptoms that the internet lists.

It is me. Maybe the consultant read my diary..

Just to sort Barbera out now and help her quieten down.

Today she reminds me of a song by Siouxsie and the Banshees. Dear prudence.

A mellow song. Barbera is not mellow today. She is banging but I can pretend she is prudence.





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