5th Oct 2019 phys.

6 days after the Ealing Half and I was feeling normal today. I did Blaze / Circuits earlier in the week and this was an error. It ruined me as it was red zone and it took the last bit of gas out of me.

My brain wanted to run today yet I knew I wanted to start the weights/gym work again. So I headed to the gym.
30 mins of ball work stretching and rolling around on a lacrosse ball.. My Bast**rd ball as it is called even says bast**d on the side of it. It hurts but it is good pain.

Then I simply went about my old high reps routine from 2011. This was suggested to me after an injury I picked up in 2010 MDS.

Great to be back in the mix. Defo lost a lot of strength but the range of movement is still good and I picked the right light weights tonight. This routine with additional core work will happen a minimum of twice a week.

I would like 3x but it does not always happen around daily life and work etc.

I always work to 3 max runs and 3 max weights a week. I allow myself to drop to 2 of each minimum in the event of life being chaos. Hence I have to do x2 runs minimum and x2 weights minimum to see the adaption.

Todays phys looked like this:

Ball work and stretch.
100 air squats
Leg press. 100 @ 30
Seated row 100 @ 15
Bent knee press-ups. Sets of 10. 100reps.
Bicep curl/twist 50 @8
Tricep ext overhead. 100 @7,5
Arm curl machine 50 @ 7.5

Shoulder press. Naked bar. 10×5
Shrugs after each 10 of shoulder press.
10 SEC rest.

25 sit-ups
1 min plank
10 hollow rocks.
No rest between sit-ups, plank and rocks.


I just had a good feed. Salad and a sweet potato with some good old fashioned mince. Loads of tomatoes and cucumber.


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